NGOs and Religious Organizations selling Haitian Misery - The Humiliation

I am sick and tired of NGOs and Religious Organizations selling Haitian misery to raise money.


Doesn't that just get to you, watching our Haitian brothers and sisters getting stripped from their dignity by these foreign Non-Profit Organizations or religious organizations for a bag of rice or some second hand clothes or shoes?

Let make it clear that many of these organizations are providing tremendous services to the Haitian population. Some of them are providing services that the population desperately needs such as help in the medical field, agriculture, energy, business development, education, home, and technology and we are very thankful for that.

When I said that I was sick and tired of NGOs and Religious Organizations selling Haitian misery to raise money, I was referring to the NGOs and the religious organizations that go to Haiti to "Help the Haitians", but instead are treating Haitians without any dignity.

We are being humiliated every day by these people.

These entities do provide some relief to the poor Haitians. However, some end up taking away the most precious thing from these same Haitians they are trying to help: Their Dignity.

What kind of help are you providing me if you have to take my picture in some of the most inappropriate situations? How can the Haitian family keep any dignity if the world needs to see them in the following pictures:

Couldn't these family wash themselves before posing for photo? Couldn't they at least borrow some clothes to put on their children before taking pictures?

For the NGOs, no, because that does not sell. For the Haitians, no, because if the "Blanc" is giving me something, I have no right to say anything.

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This is a three parts series:
NGOs and Religious Organizations selling Haitian Misery- The Humiliation
NGOs and Religious Organizations selling Haitian Misery- Only in Haiti
NGOs and Religious Organizations selling Haitian Misery- Who benefits

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Peggy Delegato says...

I totally agree with you. I have been to Haiti three times.

I am not Haitian but my friends are. However one time some other white Americans joined us and without even asking for permission, took pictures of people.

I consider this downright disrespectful.

I was so embarassed.

I have the utmost respect for Haitians and I was

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Jacksin Etienne says...

We, the Haitian people, are responsible for our humiliation.

We do not have love for one another.

We are very selfish.

If we need the foreigners to respect us, to stop humiliating us, we 've got to respect ourselves first.

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Neth D Haiti says...

Well, Well no comments, except I want say: It's time, it's time, for us as Haitians, to change our country where people will stop treating us "as poor" with humiliation, but it is unfortunate until now politicians in Haiti, don't stop making "stupidities" in the face of the world.

Can we expect something new?

only God

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Ricardo says...

Don't ignore that a lot of our people (Haitians) like to:
- complaint about misery even they have enough to survive,
- hide what they have to fool visitors so they could have more attentions.

However the NGOs and RO carry their willing to help and explore the actual situation that we are living.

It is busness nothing else. I salute the NGOs and the Religious Organizations for their concerns.

How many of Haitians are living good life in Haiti and aboard don't want to help their fellow brothers and

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Hyggens Virgile says...

Taking naked pictures of children is a crime of child pornography in the USA. Why can someone say something about

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Mildred Colas says...

I doubt if these people had clothes to put on their children the NGO and religious organization would tell them to strip their children naked so they could take pictures of them, if they had water, the organizations would tell them don't bathe your children.

This is the reality for most Haitians in Haiti, they go without the basics on a daily basis and if these organizations are going to help them by getting donations they need to photograph the situation as realistic as possible.

Therefore, I do not agree with you in that

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