NGOs and Religious Organizations selling Haitian Misery- Who benefit

Correct me if I am wrong, I believe there is a business out there and it is no other than the business of selling Haiti misery.


Again, I want to honor all those who either came to Haiti, donate for the cause or plan on coming in the future to continue to do so because Haiti needs as much help as it can get an from as many people as it can get it from.

However, for those International or religious organizations currently taking advantage of the people of Haiti by taking pictures that are shocking for the sole purpose of raising money, who does that benefit?

Does that benefit the Haitians who are in need or the NGOs or religious organizations? Although many International organizations who go to Haiti are there for good reasons, you have to admit also that for some this is an opportunity of a life time to make a lot of money, unregulated by anyone.

If you genuinely want to help someone, does the world need to know that?

Also, what is the best way to help ? Do you help me by giving me a fish every time I need to eat or do you show me how to fish? By providing the fish, you are guaranteed to be glorified and be seeing as my savior every time I am hungry because I will need you again. On the other side, if you show me how to fish, I may not need you in the future.

Where is the Haitian authority or government in all that? Shouldn't the government be in the business of protecting the people of the country? Is this how we want to sell Haiti to the rest of the world?

In the privious two articles, we showed the negative ways in which these NGOs and religious organizations tried to portrait Haiti in order to encourage people to donate money. This is not the only way these people can motivate other to donate money. The Religious Organization "La Bonne Nouvelle" by Frere frere joel trimble also wants other to know what he is doing in Haiti as well. Unlike the other organizations that are exploiting Haiti and the Haitian population by showing horrible pictures of Haiti, Frere frere joel trimble uses instead positive pictures. They make their documentary without humiliating the Haitian people.

Here is an example of a positive video report by Frere frere joel trimble of La Bonne Nouvelle:

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This is a three parts series:
NGOs and Religious Organizations selling Haitian Misery- The Humiliation
NGOs and Religious Organizations selling Haitian Misery- Only in Haiti
NGOs and Religious Organizations selling Haitian Misery- Who benefits

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Edgar King says...

Hi Roland! Hope you are fine. WoW! The video article by Mr. Trimble was just great! He showed the situation, though devastating, in a positive-light! That while there is poverty, injuries, and many disappointments, The Haitian People are resilient, and determined to overcome desasters, and bad-luck.

Thus, striving to persevere, and improve their lives, and those of their fellow-men. They continue to educate their young, keep their spiritual-faith, and create various ways to feed the needy.

You are right, that in this positive-way, the people of Haiti, can and will rebuild, and redeem the country of

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