Nicolas Maduro Government Involved in Drug Smuggling Operation

First Lady Cilia Flores, wife of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, has two relatives accused of being involved in a drug smuggling operation. They were held by police in Port-au-Prince upon their arrival. The arrests followed a lengthy sting operation, conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration.


Efrain Campos, one of the two men arrested, told U.S. officials he was Flores's son and Maduro's stepson. He and Francisco Flores, whose relationship to Flores and Maduro has not been established, but is believed to be another nephew of hers, were caught in an undercover operation. A secret agent bargained with the men to procure a plane and pilot to smuggle 800 kilograms of cocaine into Honduras, where brokers operating on behalf of Venezuelan cartels would mark the cocaine for export to the U.S.

The Haitian government, who has strong ties to the Maduro government, extradited Campos and Flores to New York where they will face formal drug charges in a district court.

The successful sting operation has exposed drug trafficking occurring ". . . at the highest levels of . . . President Nicolas Maduro's socialist administration."

The arrests couldn't come at a worse time for Maduro as Venezuela is suffering from triple-digit inflation. Because the economy is in free-fall due to shortages, Venezuelans may vote Maduro's socialist government out of office next month.

At the Venezuelan consul in New York Calixto Ortega is challenging evidence the Maduro government was involved in drug smuggling operations.

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