On Relationship, Trust Your Gut Feeling

Love can make people do crazy things. It can prevent a person from thinking clearly and seeing what really is going on.


A person who is in love may look only at the good side of things while ignoring the bad ones because he/she is afraid of losing the other person. This is why many people get hurt and abused in a relationship.

Given this, the best relationship advice you can probably receive is to follow your gut feelings. These feelings are your intuition that you couldn't quiet down. The gut feel is the one telling you that your partner is cheating on you even if he/she seems to be happy with you. It is the one whispering to a girl to walk away from a date because the guy is not good for her. It is the one urging a guy to go after a girl because she might be the ONE. No one exactly knows why they have these feelings and thoughts. They just do. And in most cases, the best thing to do is to follow what your gut is telling you because it is almost always right.

If you have a feeling that your boyfriend is lying to you, then be cautious and do not give your full trust until you know for sure. It is best to keep an open communication between you and your partner. Address any concerns and issues you may have to prevent them from getting worse. Voice out your feelings and do not be afraid to ask questions. This is the only way to end your confusion and find the answer you are looking for.

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