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La peur de la fourmi. A lesson to remember

Here is something to think about. This could not be more true. We tend to remain where we are because we are afraid of the unknown.

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Parfois, on se croit libre mais on ne l'es pas vraiment. La peur de l'inconnu. Ton pire ennemi c'est toi. Nous avons des politiques qui jouent bien sur ce tableau de l'être humain.

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Teens in rural Haiti rich in family relationship, culture

I guess growing up without a computer, internet, Iphone, Ipod, or you name it, actually has some value. A recent study has found that most Haitian teenagers, specially those living in the country side are very rich individuals, compared to the rich kids im more developed countries such as US, Canada, France, etc..

Sa se pa pou Ti Moun mal Apri nan Potoprins. Se ti "Payisan"

Now I know you are going to jump on me for saying something like this.

Here is what the University of Illinois study found:

1) Haitian kids are very rich in Family relationships. They have a strong sense of family obligation.

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Fanm Okap Vs Fanm Okay, A Haitian in front of the court for marrying two women - VIDEO

After watching this video, you need to answer this basic question: who is right?

Is it OK for someone to marry to more than one person at one time?

Please share your opinion

This gentleman obviously is defending himself. He does not call the second wedding as marriage but "Placage Onet"

Do you think he makes any sense?

You need to put into consideration the fact that he is a driver who travels a lot

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Haitian Wedding Tradition

It's a wedding day in Haiti. Be it the Haiti on Hispaniola or the one in the hearts across the Diaspora, a Haitian wedding tradition permeates through geographical and economic boundaries. The customs set out to usher a new couple into their married life are simple, poignant traditions that are quickly being adopted by people outside the Haitian sphere, while being simultaneously forgotten by those within it.

No one is formally invited to a Haitian wedding. This is perhaps one of the first differences between other wedding traditions. It is also one of the reasons why the customs are currently mostly practiced within the rural areas, where word of mouth gives an individual access to a wedding celebration.

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Obtaining a Divorce in Haiti

Disillusionment of marriage on the cheap and in the quickest possible time is a profitable feature of the judicial system in Haiti. Caribbean divorces have been a favorable option for many United States couples who wish to be divorced as the ease and quickness of the procedure means they can move on with their lives that much quicker.

The procedure for obtaining a bilateral divorce in the country of Haiti includes a personal appearance in court with the submission of certain documents including, a letter of information, an original or copy of the marriage certificate or an affidavit that has been notarized, identification, a copy of an agreement of separation (this is not mandatory) and the defendant's waiver, submission to jurisdiction and power of attorney. For a unilateral divorce, all documents but the defendant's waiver is necessary. The defendant will be notified by the judge of the action for divorce and will have 12 days to respond, 20 if they live outside of the western hemisphere.

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Laurent Lamothe in love with diplomat Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova has been in the news for numerous reasons. More recently, Petra has been in the news for her relationship with the current Prime Minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe. Laurent Salvador Lamothe, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, was vocal about his relationship with Petra Nemcova when he was giving an interview for Ticket Magazine.

Petra Nemcova, a former Czech model, television host and philanthropist, is the founder and Chairperson of the Happy Hearts Fund. The Happy Hearts Fund was set up by Petra after her traumatic accident during a Tsunami that was caused by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean in 2004. Petra lost her then fiancé Simon Atlee, who was a photographer, during this tsunami.

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Laurent Lamothe in a relationship with supermodel Petra Nemcova - Premye Minis La Damou

Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe recently made his love life public, announcing that he shares a relationship with the Czech supermodel, Petra Nemcova.

Premye Minis Laurent Lamothe dènyèman fè konnin Li renmin avek Petra Nemcova.

Now it's no longer a rumor. Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is now dating Haiti's Honorary Consul to the Czech Republic and supermodel Petra Nemcova. The Associated Press reported that Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and Petra Nemcova had been dating for months. It only became more obvious recently then the two were spotted at the ceremonies of the Association of Caribbean States 5th summit that took place in Petion-Ville, Haiti

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Valentine's Day Greeting

It is through a Valentine's Day greeting that you can convey your feelings and thoughts to that special person in your life. On this day, via the greeting, your heart is able to do the talking. Valentine's Day, celebrated on 14th February each year, is a special day to pour your heart out to the loved one and celebrate the relationship.

Some of the best wishes could be like this. "I really feel incredibly lucky, the arrow has brought the two of us together", "Happy Valentine's Day", "Looking towards sharing a hot and spicy Valentine's Day with you", " Sending you special Valentine's Day wishes", "You are so sweet, just for you, Happy Valentine's Day" and lots more.

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Flower as a Gift

In a wide range of functions and events the flower as a gift is a popular item choice in many countries all over the world. For christenings and new births, flowers are offered as gifts. On holidays and social functions they are also worn as boutonniere and corsage. To decorate wedding halls, bridal parties and weddings, flowers are common gifts.

Besides this they are also appropriately used on grieving occasions, funerals, welcome parties, at homes, parties organized for bon voyage, etc. It is important to note that some types of flowers have particular meanings attributed to them. It is always a good idea to get to know first what exactly the flower you gift signifies so that there is no embarrassment or confusion involved.

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Bullying Signs and Solutions

Bullying happens in every social context to individuals, groups, classes, races, genders, and sexual orientations. Researchers claim certain characteristics are present in people who bully. They are often authoritarian, dominating, controlling, socially underdeveloped, and prejudiced towards others. They are also emotionally volatile, coercive, habitually aggressive, paranoid, insecure, and prone to acting in robotic ways.

Bullying or hazing--as it is called on college campuses--has a shameful tradition that secretly legitimizes itself.

Research in psychology implies bullying begins in childhood. If bullying behavior is not dealt with then, the risk increases it may turn into a chronic disorder. Bullying works through mind-games, name-calling, or character assassination. It finds fertile ground in gangs and groups, often occurring in school environments.

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