Origins of Creole Language Presage Many Modern Languages

Creole is a blend of parent languages, in which its vocabulary was created, and as it developed into an off-shoot of its origins, its grammar came into play. English Creole descends from the French Creole language. Originally, Creole derived from the Latin creare, meaning to create. In time, the word Creole lost its original meaning and developed into the proper noun Creole and the Creole language. Creole is spoken today in the Caribbean, South America, Africa, and Australia.


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European colonists looked at Creole languages as inferior. But due to major cultural shifts from the end of colonial rule, the last 50 years of the 20th century have certified Creole as an authentic language. Creole is thought to possess an uncomplicated grammar, but this is a criticism of Creole by linguists, who consider it an inferior language.

Creole origin theories include three classifications: European and non-European; gradualist and development; and Universalist. Under the gradualist and development theory, French Creole derived from the French language uses baby talk. Baby talk is used to speak to non-speakers of the language, making it easier to understand. Linguists debate that Creole is the same as other languages linguistically that develop from population migrations and slavery.

Scholars of language have since realized that the experiential development of Creole is a world-wide observable occurrence that transcends the European colonialists. In fact, German linguist, Sigmund Feist, saw Creole as a self-evident source of the Germanic language. But it is children with their inherent linguistic ability to develop the structure of Creole from crude pidgin languages that settles the debate on whether Creole is a true language.

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