Orphanage recruiters roaming Haiti with money or false promises

International adoption agencies have been taking advantage of poor Haitian parents, luring them to give up their children for adoption. The agencies offer money and assurances the children will be adopted temporarily until the parents can afford to take care of their children again.


The government of Haiti (GOH) has put new restrictions in place to close loop holes in the country's adoption system. The GOH now bans private adoptions, has made accreditation more difficult for foreign adoption agencies to receive, and restricts the number of children available for adoption every year. Rules have also been dictated to focus on grievances brought by parents saying they were persuaded to turn their children over, ignorant of the resulting consequences.

A public education program is being carried out to warn parents of the risks associated with giving up their children to strangers. Women walk the streets in rural towns, using megaphones to alert citizens their children may be lost forever if given up for adoption.

Kristine Peduto, Director of the Haitian Child Protection Department, says the reasons are manifold concerning the failures of the Haitian child adoption system. Two are lack of state regulation and corruption within the system. She continues, transitioning ". . . from the old system . . . to be compliant with The Hague Convention on International Adoption will take time." To achieve compliance means an all-out effort from all actors at every point along the way to guarantee new requirements are met

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Subject: Orphanage recruiters roaming Haiti with money or false promises edit

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