Paul Magloire was Haitian Military ruler

Magloire was born on July 19, 1907 in Cap Haitien, Haiti. He gained his leadership skills from his mother, General Magloire Rose. He joined the Haitian army in 1930 but due to his hard work he was promoted to Police Chief of Port-au- Prince in 1944. In 1946 he took part in coup against President Elie Lescot. His ability to fight for his rights made him to become the president in 1950 after removing President Dumarsais Estime from power.


He was a great leader who improved tourism in Haiti through maintaining good relations with US and European tourists. Magloire used the money the country got from coffee export to develop Haiti by repairing towns, building roads, public building and dam building. He was a social being who cerebrated and held parties with Haitians always. He empowered women's suffrage institutions.

In 1954 Hurricane Hazel damaged Haiti and self help money was stolen, which destroyed the reputation of Magloire. Haitians became fed up with his leadership and they began to protest against him. François Duvalier took over the presidency and sent Magloire into exile but he returned in 1986 and later became unofficial army advisor. He passed on in 2001 in Port -au- Prince.

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