Commissioner Frantz Pierre indicted for accepting bribe from strip club Owner

Frantz Pierre, a Haitian-American Commissioner in North Miami Beach Florida was indicted Wednesday July 25, 2018, charged with accepting bribe from a strip club owner.


According to Miami Herald, Commissioner Frantz Pierre and his non-profit organization received more than $20,000 from the owner of Dean's Gold strip club in North Miami Beach in exchange for his vote for a special operating license allowing the club to serve alcohol after-hours. He offered his commission vote in exchange for money to a strip club owner in an attempt to renew a business license.

He was charged with one count each of bribery, unlawful compensation, organized scheme to defraud and grand theft and seven counts of money laundering.

Commissioner Frantz Pierre (53), the North Miami Beach Commissioner has been suspended on bribery charges. He got caught taking straight-up bribes from a local strip-club owner. Pierre took over $20,000 from a strip club owner Dean Tyler in exchange of a special license that would allow him to serve alcohol after- hour between December 2013 and 2014. Tyler funneled $12,500 directly to Pierre and then $9,865 through a charity called Community Hope for Families and Children in Need, a nonprofit organization run by a woman named Jacqueline Alexi that feed 92 children at Oak Grove Elementary School.

As per Investigator's report, Pierre texted Dean Tyler an urgent message: He had been in a car wreck and needed a $7,000 loan, quickly. When told the check was in the mail, Frantz texted back, saying, "Thank you so much. That will not be forgotten." He also received three other checks totaling $5,500.

Commissioner Pierre has been framed on charges of bribery, unlawful compensation, organized scheme to defraud, and grand theft, as well as seven counts of money laundering.

However, Commissioner Frantz Pierre is not alone--he is only a part of the corrupted system. The North Miami Police Department is not the only local government agency that is rife with corruption. Bribery, election fraud charges are very common in every sphere of administration here. The city's past two mayors -- Myron Rosner and George Vallejo faced criminal charges. Earlier, North Miami Beach Faux Commissioner Phyllis Smith was framed on election fraud charges. Her opponent, Michael Joseph, filed a lawsuit on June 2, 2015 on charges of absentee ballot voter fraud.

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Edna Numa says...

It's sad to see our Haitian people degrading their self like

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