Plaine-du-Nord and Saint Jacques Fiesta

Haiti's Nord Department is in the northern most part of the country. It is where the small municipality of Plaine-du-Nord, often referred to as Plèn dinò in Creole, is located. It is considered an essential part of Haitian history and is one of the centres of the voodoo religion in the country.


Plaine-du-Nord is the historical site where the battle between Haiti's French colonizers and African slaves who worked in plantations began. This led to Haiti's independence from its colonizers and the freedom of slaves who became the very first official Haitians. The municipality is currently considered as the country's Pilgrimage Festival capital, which attracts thousands of worshippers and foreign visitors yearly. One of Plain-du-Nord's biggest, most important festivals is the Saint Jacques Fiesta, which is celebrated every 25th of July. It is then followed by the Saint Anne celebration a day after. Pilgrims usually stay for 15 days in the municipality during these festivities in order to offer food to the less fortunate, light candles, and donate money to the local churches.

Aside from the different annual Pilgrimage Festivals, Plaine-du-Nord is also known for its inhabitants' active practice of voodoo. The days' Tuesday and Thursday mark the occurrence of voodoo rituals in municipality's famous muddy basin also referred to as Bassin Saint Jacques. The sacred pool of Sucry is also another popular site of voodoo worship,especially during the Sucry voodoo pilgrimage that involves two long weeks of celebration and worship. Baptisms, chants, dances, and sacrifices are the usual happenings during this annual pilgrimage.

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