Plaisance-du-Sud a Seat for Human Rights

One of the pleasure spots on the northwestern coast of Haiti's peninsula, Plaisance-du-Sud is a cityship of Ainse-à-Veau Arrondissement, part of the Nippes Department. Located to the south of Petit-Trou-de-Nippes, its beaches are made of sugar-white sands affronting the aquamarine Caribbean Sea. Maritime events dominate the waterfront area with wind- and wave-surfing and sea-vessel racing. Docking slips are plentiful for both small and large sea vessels.


Plaisance-du-Sud has teeming marine life, schools of fish, which live beneath the coastal waters unharmed. Although the province of smaller fish, sometimes larger fish appear in the glassy waters offshore, having taken the wrong route to their next feeding destination.

The chief income-generating activity in Plaisance-du-Sud is fishing, a year-round task necessary to keep food on the table for Haitian families living there.

The road system in Plaisance-du-Sud is pitiful as it is in virtually all small towns across Haiti. Unpaved and littered with rocks and undergrowth, they are impossible to navigate by car. Travelers must walk to wherever it is they want to end up. Four-wheel vehicles that transport tourists and can weather the rugged terrain sometimes pick up residents when there is room.

The international community is busy putting together development projects for Plaisance-du-Sud. The Pan American Development Fund has initiated a program designated the Rural Participatory Development Project. It supports and advocates for human rights, the continued push for a more democratic government, and the awakening of social and political thought throughout the island.

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