Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Initiates Ede Pep Program in La Plaine du Nord

To meet the overwhelming need of the hunger that exists in much of Haiti, the government of Haiti (GOH) initiated a new government program, Ede Pep (Help People). Haiti Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, traveled to La Plaine du Nord to hand out 2,500 baskets of food to residents.

Lamothe spoke at length about the goals of Ede Pep, which will benefit 50,000 people monthly. Its plan is to purchase from local farmers, which will help them improve their living conditions. The food bank will give out these food donations where the need is greatest.

Lamothe acknowledged the many problems the residents of La Plaine du Nord experience, and by extension "in all departments in all cities of the country." In particular, he addressed the damaged road conditions and theft of livestock that have plagued the city since the 2010 earthquake.

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NGOs and Religious Organizations selling Haitian Misery- Who benefit

Correct me if I am wrong, I believe there is a business out there and it is no other than the business of selling Haiti misery.

Again, I want to honor all those who either came to Haiti, donate for the cause or plan on coming in the future to continue to do so because Haiti needs as much help as it can get an from as many people as it can get it from.

However, for those International or religious organizations currently taking advantage of the people of Haiti by taking pictures that are shocking for the sole purpose of raising money, who does that benefit?

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