Privately-Held Banque de l'Union Haitienne a Haiti Success Story

Banque de l'Union Haitienne (BUH), Haiti's first privately-held bank, with a full range of banking services, was established in 1973. Clifford Brandt, a Haitian corporate businessperson, partnered with Banco Popular Dominicano of the Dominican Republic (BPDDR) to create the bank. He and BPDDR's president, Alejandro Grullon, met to begin the process for launching Haiti's first private bank in 1973. With Grullon's approval, a pre-planning committee was set up to incorporate BPDDR's rules and regulations in order to be in conformance with its holding company.


In a meeting on June 2, 1973, 420 shareholders voted for the creation of BUH. Also at this gathering, it planned its regulatory structure, and selected a nine-member Board of Directors and a Controller.

BUH opened its doors on July 26, 1973, with a staff of 46 bank employees. Headquartered in Port-au-Prince, it has developed over the years to become a 12-branch banking system, with 2,000 plus shareholders.

Evolving into a national bank, it has added more services through its branch divisions. Creating a BUH MasterCard and Microfinance offices, as part of its full-service amenities, has allowed it to flourish as a full-fledged player alongside other national banks in Haiti.

BUH has been able to accomplish its mission of becoming a nation-wide, privately-held bank through its affiliation with Antigua Investment Bank (ABI), formed in June of 2006. As a result of the partnership, BUH has attained status of being among the most broadly-held banking institutions in Haiti.

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