Town of Roseaux In Grand'Anse Department

In the Grand'Anse Department of Haiti is located a small village that is a municipality called Roseaux in the Corail Arrondissement. Around 34,617 people inhabit Roseaux. It is located at 76 meters altitude above the sea level between Jeremie and Corail covering 216.81 km2. Per km around 150 residents live in Roseaux.


Scenic Beauty And Ceremonies
Gommiers, Carrefour Charles, Pig Bottom and Grand Vincent are its four communal sections. This cove is enclosed with big rocks and beautiful bays along its shoreline lined with wooden boats.

Little kids love to play in the crystal clear shallow waters. Heavenly mountains, lush green vegetation and tall palm trees can be seen in the vicinity. Voodoo ceremonies were conducted in the huge dark caves on the mountains inhabited by bats.

Economy, Transport And Education
On December 8th, the feast of Notre Dame de I'lmmaculee Conception, the patron Saint is celebrated at Roseaux City. Around 620 children get their education at the school at Roseaux run by the local Catholic Church. Chalice sponsors 206 out of the 620 children.

Main economic activity of the town is fishing. Sugarcane and coffee plantations are tended by farmers in Roseux. It is a bit hard to get to Roseaux. A plane will have to be taken to Jeremie from PAP to get out to Roseaux. Boat, truck and car services are available.

Development At Roseaux
A few years back, having access to cell phones or electricity was difficult in this town. Cisterns were used to collect water, but the place is progressing gradually. Families are being provided with water via the Chatea Deau's installed in Roseaux and neighboring places.

Few doctors and nurses providing basic medical care services are available. The place needs help and many of the organizations, community network of leaders and partners-people are doing their bit to develop it further.

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