Rara Festival In Leogane in 2013

March 23, 2013, Haiti's Minister of Culture, Josette Darguste, met with URAL (Union of Rara of Léogâne) and Organizing Committee. Rara festivities are traditional national cultural festivals of Haiti that is similar to Easter Triduum and Lent celebrated by Christians. The theme under which the Rara was celebrated by the Léogânais this year was, "Rebwazman se zafè rara". The Martelly-Lamothe government gave it greater visibility. This visibility came as a commitment of the government to promote Haiti's identity development and it was also targeted towards ending the platitude of 'Other Regions vs. Republic of Port-au-Prince'.


The members of URAL and the Organizing Committee welcomed Director General of Ministry, his personal office members, Albert Chancy - Advisor to President of the Republic and various other honorary people of Haiti with the sounds of wind lines, bamboo and drums that were played by Rara Modèle d'Haïti group.

Committee member Paul Allande summarized that Rara dates back to the pre-Colombian era and that today, Rara is about honoring the consciousness of people of Haiti of the practice of festive rites under Indian Queen Anacaona's chieftainship. The justification of the theme name was explained by the Municipality Mayor. He explained that the name reflected the fight for environmental preservation and recovery and stressed on the fact that all instruments used in the festival were made from natural elements and wastes like graj, cornet, vaccinia and bamboo on a special request from President Martelly.

Minister of Culture, Josette Darguste, strongly disapproved the use of wind instruments like saxophone, trombone and trumpet in the Rara festival so that the Haitian culture of the festival can be preserved. She also mentioned that Trouin, Léogâne's neighboring town will be treated with dignity, as instructed by the President, for its efforts to preserve the traditional flavor of Rara. She also said that though Léogâne received special treatment this year, other places that have preserved the Rara festival will never be left alone.

Léogâne, this year, was given a chance to emerge, be heard and sell themselves under Rara's qualities and colors.

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