Reasons for Holiday Depression

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy. But for untold millions in countries all over the world, holidays can be a source of sadness, loneliness and depression.


One reason for low spirits and depression is seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Happening to some when nighttime hours are longer and vitamin D is in short supply, moods darken and energy decreases.

Loneliness creates depression during the holidays. The recent death of a loved one or family pet can keep people from enjoying the holidays. Families with children serving in the military overseas must celebrate Christmas day without them, inducing depression.

Job unhappiness, layoffs, or working too much overtime can create depression and loneliness. And it affects family when an essential member is not present.

If you haven't enough money to buy presents for your children, this can produce depression. You suffer through the inability to make your children happy and included, and they with shame and alienation.

But you can compensate for these losses. To deal with a broken heart or depression related to the absence of a loved one, volunteer your time. Connecting you with those, who are worse off than you, you will realize how fortunate you are to have what you have.

With children, bring them to toy drives to receive an early gift from Santa. Fill the gift breach with simple gifts. Bake holiday cookies as special treats and decorate an artificial tree with ornaments from the dollar store. Let creativity be your guide and make your children's Christmas special in a different way.

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