Judge Lamarre Belizaire ordered arrest of activist André Michel on murder charges

Haitian investigative Judge Lamarre Belizaire has made headlines once again this week after he issued a warrant for the arrest of André Michel. Michel, implicated in the 2010 murder of Frantzy Duverseau, has been called to appear before the criminal court along with his co-accused.


On October 18, 2010, Duverseau, a student, got in the middle of an altercation between his sister Fabienne Duverseau and her husband Enold Florestal. Their house was reportedly raided by a number of civilians and 4 officers of the law. In a bid to help his sister, Duverseau got into a fight with Florestal who walked away injured after a stone throwing incident. It is then said that Florestal, one of the accused, went away to return with backup in the form of André Michel, Josué Florestal and others.

What occurred afterwards was described by the father of the deceased as his son's execution. While others, including another accused, Jeanco Honorat, were present, it was André Michel and Josué Florestal who started brutally beating the student. Duverseau was then shot point-blank in the left eye by a police officer.

Duverseau's father maintains that his son's death was the result of a planned execution undertaken by the accused and the police officers present. He admits that his son was resisting arrest at the time, but says it was only because he considered the arrest illegal since the police were complicit in allowing Enold Florestal to beat his wife bloody and only sought to arrest Duverseau because he intervened.

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Subject: Judge Lamarre Belizaire ordered arrest of activist Andre Michel on murder charges edit

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