Types of abuse specifically targeting the Elderly population

Next to children, elderly people are the most vulnerable group in the population. There are six major types of abuse often found within he elderly population.


1. Physical abuse. This is an intentional, non-accidental use of force against an elderly person that results in physical pain, injury, or impairment.

2. Emotional abuse characterized by Verbal intimidation and ridicule through yelling or threats. Blaming or scapegoating also fall into this category.

3. Psychological abuse is by nature non-verbal. Example of psychological abuse includes: ignoring the elderly person or isolating him/her from friends or activities. also terrorizing or menacing the person.

4. Neglect by failing to fulfill your obligation as a caretaker. It can be active or passive. Active neglect is described as intentional and passive neglect, described as unintentional.

5. Fraud. this is something that many of our elderly friends and families are very vulnerable to. Misuse of an elder's personal checks, credit cards, or accounts, Steal cash, income tax checks, or household goods, forgery, identity theft are all example of frauds.

6. Scams. Phony charities or investment fraud are scams often targeted toward the elderly. For instance announcements of a "prize" has been won but in order to receive the prize, the elderly person must pay money to claim it.

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