Insecurity should not be for the rich or the affluent in Haiti

Haiti remains a country that is defenseless to natural disasters, food shortage, unemployment, poverty, major health problems and many other issues. In addition, actual government is weak or non-existent in many aspects.


The Underprivileged neighborhoods are as a result, marginalized. Individuals or people living in these communities are often blocked from their rights, opportunities and available resources. Absence of opportunities causes insecurity. Imagine someone waking up and doesn't know how he/she is going to feed himself / herself or the family.

As a result, insecurity becomes a daily thing, an integral part of life. It is not a big deal if gang members decide to create panic in such environment. The nation will survive if gangs are fighting in a particular area and the children are unable to attend class. We do not make a federal case out of this if for instance some poor children are shot. In some cased it is not even a news worthy event.

On the other hand, this is not the case for affluent Haitians. Those who travel in bullet proof cars, with several security guards with them with every move or guarding their residence or businesses just like a military complex are not supposed to be insecure.

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James Anderson says...

I see excellent articles and comments here about the situation in Haiti and the root causes that create and perpetuate it.

I have to ask, how many of you know of the work of the Figaro Angel Network and the plans they would like to put into effect in Haiti to solve many problems?

Shy Figaro is no outsider coming in to get wealthy by robbing people.


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Franck Noziere says...

The Clinton's say Haiti is the poorest countries on earth, how the hell the Clinton foundation make billions dollars on us, we don't need them in

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Franck Noziere says...

Insecurity is every where, in the us, in Europe, do not tell me there insecurity in Haiti.

If I want to travel right now i prefer going to Haiti than going to Europe, you need to know one thing they created the insecurity in Haiti.

If the people cannot eat, do not have a place to live what they would do, you need to use your brain this is campaign against our beautiful

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