State Department called Haitian Parliament "Singularly Unproductive"

I don't know but this new label can't be good for our Haitian lawmakers in Haiti; specially those whom their term will come to an end in January of 2014. Let me correct this, for those who have discussions regarding their terms.


Can someone tell me exactly what "Singularly Unproductive" means?

According to the Special Coordinator for Haiti at the State Department, Thomas C. Adams, " The Haitian lawmakers have not passed enough laws that could help the country cope with the challenges of modern development and investment".

During a recent session before the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives in Washington, Thomas C. Adams said " The Haitian Parliament was singularly unproductive this past year, from something like 9 laws in total"

Based on my own analysis, this looks like that the Haitian Parliament is not useful. In addition, to me "Singularly" means that by itself. It seems to me that the executive branch of government has nothing to do with them not being producible.

What do you do with something that is not productive?

That is the 1 million dollars questions

"Adye oui Dan!"

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Fefe says...

In my opinion the word singularly is unfair because the majority of member in the lower chamber belong to PSP which is call presdential majority.the could have voted and passed law that fit the government

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Fouchard says...

They really are, it's not a bad judjment..I think the Haitian people has to be careful in the next election cause it's unfair parliament wasting money for nonsense..really

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Subject: State Department called Haitian Parliament "Singularly Unproductive" edit

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