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Facts On Children Living In Haiti

There are a lot of facts to know about children in Haiti. Primary school is attended by just about 20% of the children and after primary grade many of the children don't attend school. Many of the schools barely have canteens or cafeterias.

Estimates On Status Of Haitian Children As Per 1998
As per estimates of 1998, the death rate per 1000 children was 99. Lack of care and medication are the main reasons for 25% to 30% death of children in the provinces. It is through a church that the missionaries support around 60% of the private schools in Haiti. Around 60% of the children hardly get three meals per day. Many of the children have no breakfast or lunch.

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Haiti working for Passing Adoption Reform

Adoption is a process of providing couples with new members to add to their family, and most especially a process of giving abandoned children a loving family and a home. That is why a nation's adoption regulations and policies are highly essential in ensuring the well-being and protecting the rights of every child. In Haiti, thousands of smuggled orphans have been reported and most orphanages that cater to about 50,000 Haitian children are poorly managed and have very limited resources.

Based on the poor state of the country's adoption system, the Haitian governments moved to reform and strengthen its legislation on the adoption process of Haitian children. According to several officials, the proposed reform in legislation is committed in ensuring that the state's obligation to the protection of children is being met. It included the policy of having both biological parents to give legal consent when filing their child for adoption. Other requirements noted in the new legislation is that couples trying to adopt a child should have been married for at least five years, with one of them being at least 30 years of age while a single individual filing to adopt should be at least 35 years of age. It has already been thoroughly discussed and documented in the Senate and is now awaiting an approval from the country's Houses of Parliament.

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Human Trafficking a 32 Billion Dollars Industry

A United Nations report on human trafficking reveals the shocking scope and severity of the problem.

Figures state approximately 2.5 million of the world's population is recruited into forced labor in any given time frame. Of this number, 1.4 million are in South Asia. Overall, 80% of them are used in sexual slavery and 17% in forced labor. The industry of human trafficking yields $32 billion yearly.

Human traffickers claim jobs are available in a given field, often placing classifieds tempting young and desperate women. Once there, they will be forced into prostitution, or sold as sexual slaves to third parties. The age of most human trafficking victims ranges from late teens into mid-twenties.

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