National Funeral for Kanaval accident victims in Picture

Here are some pictures taken during the National funeral in Champ-de-Mars for the victims of the Kanaval accident in February, 2015. Many artists toot the podium to express their feeling about the accident.



Se pa de ni twa moun ki te ginyin sou Chanmas, jodi Samdi sa pou fineray Nasyonal sa ke yo te fe pou tout victim aksidan kanaval la.

Haitian President Martelly, Prime Minister Paul, and other senior government officials were present at the state funeral of 17 victims, who died as a result of either being shocked, or trampled on during day two of a Carnival parade on Rue Capois. Paul declared three days of national mourning that ended with the funeral.

The rap group Barikad Crew's float was ignited by fire when a low-hanging power line struck vocalist Fantom in the face. The bright flash caused the float to burst into flames, terrifying the parade crowds who panicked and fled. Many victims were caught under foot during the stampede and died. Fantom survived and remains in stable condition at hospital.

Paul and musician representatives all agreed to cancel the last day of Carnival out of respect for the victims. During the national mourning period a silent candlelight vigil was held in Champ de Mars for them. The latest reports reveal that the majority of victims died as a result of being shocked.

First Lady Sophia quickly arranged a temporary health facility that was instrumental in saving lives. Despite this effort not all the victims were able to be saved according to Mr. Max Saint-Albin. Paul praised police and first responders for a job well done. He added "We are fighting to build a better Haiti where such misfortune can be avoided." The government has picked up the tab for the funeral and healthcare of those injured.

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