Activist Juliana Deguis Pierre Barred from Dominican Flight to US

On March 23, 2014, Dominican immigration officers barred Juliana Deguis Pierre through a Dominican constitutional court ruling of last year to fly to U.S from Santo Domingo's airport with her lawyers to meet the officials of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in Washington. Pierre is a woman of Haitian origin who is fighting for Dominican citizenship. As per her statement, she was carrying necessary travel documents provided by the U.S. State Department for her visit. But the Dominican immigration officers decided they were not sufficient to allow her to travel to the scheduled meeting with the human rights body on Monday in Washington and she needs a passport.


Ms. Juliana Dequis Pierre is a 29 years old Dominican-born woman with Haitian origin and mother of four children. Her migrants Haitian parents moved to the Dominican Republic decades ago. She was officially registered as a Dominican citizen at birth but did not in fact fulfill the criteria of Dominican nationality as per a recent controversial Dominican court ruling that stripped of the rights of citizenship to the children of Haitian descent settled in the Dominican Republic after 1929. In 2008, she visited the Identification Office with her birth certificate with a request to issue an Identification Card which also serves as Voter's Registration Card in DR. The birth certificate was taken away by the officers, and they refused to issue the requested document.

She had been denied of her birth certificate by the Junta Central Electoral (Central Electoral Office) because as per Tribunal ruling she is not entitled to Dominican citizenship despite the fact that she was born on Dominican soil on April 1, 1984.

Ms. Juliana Dequis Pierre has become the face of thousands of struggling Dominican Haitians who are facing the risk of statelessness by the inhuman Dominican Constitutional Court decision that retroactively stripped citizenship of Haitians born in the DR to undocumented parents dating back to 1929.

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Ricart says...

Juliana Deguis Pierre still has the option of going to Haiti, getting the necessary travel documents from Haitians authorities, and then travel to USA. She also has the option of applying for Dominican citizenship thru the proper venues.

Dominican nationality is not extended to children born to illegal aliens and others in transit, even if they are born in the

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Subject: Activist Juliana Deguis Pierre Barred from Dominican Flight to US edit

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