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Haiti will not be member of the African Union but observer

Hi folks do not keep your hope too high about Haiti becoming a member of the African Union. it will not happen. The spokesman of the Presidency of the African Union, Jacob Enoh Eben just announced that. Haiti can not be admitted as a member into the African Union. This information circulating in the media that Haiti's admission would be formalized in July, "this information is wrong", said the spokesman. Haiti maintain its observer status; however only African States may join as full members of the African Union..

What do you think?

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Haiti to Become Full Member of the African Union in June

In the next summit of the regional organization in June in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, Haiti, the first black republic in the world history, will officially become a member of the African Union (AU). With this admittance, Haiti will be the only first member nation with no geographical connection to join the continent! Although Haiti is geographically disconnected with the region, it shares some political and cultural ties with Africa and the union could be of mutual benefit to the two. Most Haitians look distinctively West African; their Creole dialects are often close translations of African languages into English or French. Haitian national dishes are barely changed versions of African food (compare Ghana's "waakye" to Nevis's "cook-up"). Even their level of poverty is very similar to many African nations than their wealthier Caribbean neighbors.

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Haiti to officially become member of the African Union in June

Haiti will officially move from a simple observer, to become a full member partner of the African Union. This is scheduled to take place at their next summit of the regional organization in June.

Accepting the Caribbean country of Haiti as a member of the African Union is the first of its kind for a diaspora country and it will be a way of recognizing all the efforts made by Haiti in the past to the advent of free African States,

It will be formalized at the next AU summit in June-July in Lilongwe, capital of Malawi. Former Haitian President, Michel Martelly, is expected to be present.

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Antenor Firmin's Contributions to Bioanthropology

Cap-Haitien-born Anténor Firmin was one of the earliest scholars to write on the subject of negritude. Conceivably the first anthropologist of color, he introduced the notion of human anthropology as allied with the study of racial characteristics.

During the late 1800s, a strain of thinking pervaded U.S. and European intellectual circles, arguing the African race as low on the evolutionary scale in comparison to Caucasians. The French were dominating the conversation of the African race as intellectually inferior, due to misguided assumptions of racial differences. A prominent French author, Count Arthur de Gobineau, published "Essay on the Inequality of Human Races" that posited supremacy of the Aryan people over Africans and other dark-skinned races.

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