Livestock Identification and Control of Slaughter in Haiti

Haiti's livestock plays an important role in the country's agriculture sector. From poultry to cattle, Haiti is able to export millions of kilos of animal meat a year. But this has been dramatically decreasing through the years because of the lack proper slaughter houses and the poor conditions of livestock due to untreated diseases.


In line with the Martelly administration's efforts in improving and developing the country's agriculture through livestock, especially in the rural areas, Haiti's Secretary of State for Animal Production of Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARNDR) organized preparatory workshop for farmers in August on the upcoming launch of a national system for livestock identification and control of slaughter.

The MARNDR have been meeting since 2011 with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Interior, and concerned groups to talk about pressing issues regarding Haiti's livestock. These involve the lack of animal control, the poor organization of slaughtering, and the absence of a proper sanitary inspection system. In addition, the ministry was able to establish communal committees in dealing with animal health in about eighty percent of the total 570 communal sections around the country. These committees that cater to livestock care consist of farmers, farmer association representatives, community workers, veterinarians, and government officials. The MARNDR will hopefully also be able to launch a proper and hygienic system in slaughtering livestock as Haiti has never had one.

The advocacy of Haiti's MARNDR aims in a suitable identification system, the minimization of theft and illegal slaughter, veterinary inspection, and proper health care and hygiene of Haitians' precious poultries, pigs, goats, and cattle.

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