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Anti-Social Personality Disorder Signs

If parents, teachers, and the community recognize the signs of an anti-social personality disorder appearing in a youth, they can take steps to get help for the individual. Here are twelve common signs to watch out for.

1. They exhibit cruel treatment towards people and pets. Repeatedly harm, threaten, and physically abuse them.

2. They frequently provoke physical altercations.

3. They use harmful or deadly weapons, for example, a baseball bat, rock, razor, knife or firearm.

4. They steal from people directly, for example, pick pocketing, cell phone theft, hold-ups for cash or credit cards.

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President Michel Martelly is not panicked with incident with Deputy

In an attempt to clarify the incident where it was alleged that Michel Martelly got involved into a verbal altercation with one of the Haitian lawmakers, the president was not apologetic at all. On the contrary, Michel Martelly warned that we have not seen anything yet.

As the president stated:" Anytime someone comes to the National Palace and does not speak properly with the presidency, even if you have immunity, you might not be able to come out"

"Me Bwa"

What does that mean exactly? Shouldn't we ask the president for clarification on his statement?

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