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Haitian Government Tackles Mangrove Crisis in Aquin

Much emphasis is placed upon the canopy cover of Haiti which covers only 4% of the island and many reforestation projects have been implemented to address this issue, but just as serious a problem in the deforestation of Haiti is the depletion of the coastal mangrove forests.

Mangroves are a naturally-occurring ecosystem crucial in maintaining a free flow of nutrients for the habitat of the large marine biodiversity, breeding and living in coastal waters. The mangrove is a thriving ecosystem. But climate change, causing a rise in sea levels, and the wide-spread cutting of mangroves are contributing to their gradual disappearance. Approximately 1% to 2% of mangroves are lost each year.

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Centre for Nature Interpretation in Aquin, Haiti

The World Environment Day was celebrated in Haiti with the theme, "lima an apchanje, nou pa kakanpe l men noukaralantikous li. M angaje m!". The president of Haiti Michel Martelly had been busy participating in various activities, among them the inauguration of the first Centre for Nature Interpretation in Aquin. He also launched the planting of around 5 million seedlings in the southern region. He was accompanied by Jean Francois Thomas, Minister of the Environment, the Mayor of the Commune of Aquin,Gilles Rivard, Departmental Delegate of South, Serge Chéry, Ambassador of Canada in Port-au-Prince,Ms. Sophie de Caen who is the Director of Program United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),CalixteBossé, of Deputy Fritz-GéraldBourjolly (Aquin / St-Louis du Sud) and representatives of the local organizations.

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Aquin, A Beautiful Medium Sized Town In Haiti

Aquin is a municipality and a medium sized town in Haiti's Sud Department in the Aquin Arrondissement. Aquin is a port, situated on Tiburon Peninsula's southern coast and had around 95,004 inhabitants as per the 2003 census. In 1950 the population was around 1799. 100,000 people inhabit Aquin as per current estimates. Aquin is located within the geographical coordinates of 73° 24 '0 West and 18° 17' 0 north.

Enjoyable Activities

It has some of the most amazing beaches and overlooks the Caribbean Sea. A lot of people come here to enjoy bathing in the sun and collect sea shells and coral reefs. The shells get deposited by the tide while it regresses towards the Caribbean Sea.

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The 6th edition "Destination Aquin-Festival International

The 6th edition "Destination Aquin-Festival International Traditional Music and Dance" was organized from 28 March, 2013 to 30 March, 2013. The theme of the festival was 'The wink to Africa'. The festival brought together hundreds of participants and the aim of the festival was to let people know about the roots of the festival. The cultural event aimed or focused on the culture of Africa and was a medium to show honor and respect to Aimé Césaire, who is regarded as the father of negritude. The cultural program was also aimed towards celebrating the birth centenary of Aimé Césaire.

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