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Reverend Father Julien said May 18 homily not political

Reverend Father Julien was on Radio show Ranmase Saturday (May 28, 2016) to bring some lights into his homily pronounced on May 18, 2016 when he was accused of supporting the PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise. According to Father Julien, he wanted to take the advantage of all the people who were there to promote local production and would worn those who misinterpreted his words, wanted to exploit his comments for political reasons.

On May 18, 2016, Reverend Father Julien stated: "Nap Manje bannan nan sou tout form, Bouyi, Peze, Papita.."

What do you think?

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Jocelerme Privert: attacks in Cayes done by bandit, criminal and trafficker

President Jocelerme Privert set the tone in Arcahaie on May 18 for the 213th anniversary of Haiti Flag, specially and wants to send a clear signal to those interested in crime. In regard to the terror attack on the departmental police station in Les Cayes, Jocelerme Privert stated: " When a person sits in his home, asks people to take up arms and attack a police station and kill police officers, he has no other name but bandit, criminal and trafficker." He went on to say that" .......we will not tolerate anarchists, murderers, traffickers, criminals, who look to put the country in a trap. Law enforcement has the order to track down these criminals and bring them before justice."

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N'ap Manje banann nan sou tout form, Bouyi, Peze, Papita

In Haiti, you never know when you might get into trouble. This is the case in the city of Arcahaie on May 18, 2016 for the celebration of our Haitian Flag. Furing the mass celebration, Father Julien who wanted to promote Plantain which is a local product stated that: "N'ap Manje banann nan sou tout form, Bouyi, Peze, Papita". This statement came out not asintended but appeared to be in support of the PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise who has identified himself as the Plaintain Man, "Neg Banann Nan"

Do you think this was a innocent statement from Father Julien or do you feel it was intentional to support PHTK candidate Jovenel Moise?

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Martelly Orders Brutal Attacks on Arcahaie Residents

President Martelly is acting to ensure his pick for the Haitian presidency, Jovenel Moise, wins office. This would ensure continuation of Martelly government policies. Martelly cannot run for a second term, but he can manipulate the electoral process to keep the people's will from being heard.

The U.S. is being harshly criticized for remaining largely passive in the face of Martelly's hastily put-together death squad, Departmental Brigade of Operations and Interventions (BOID). When citizens from Archaie, a fishing village, protested peacefully against Martelly's plans to displace them and construct tourist resorts, they were responded to with a deafening silence from the government. In desperation they resorted to a tactic to draw government attention: blocking the national highway. That's when the government deployed BOID, black-clad former prisoners, who invaded Arcahaie, killing, demolishing homes, and burgling local businesses.

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Tax Office, Municipal Palace, Vice Delegates Office in Arcahaie Burned

For the past seven weeks, the representatives from the Interior Ministry and representatives from the local administration and residents of Arcahaie have met several times to resolve a crisis which has stalled the normalcy of their city life. People are agitating against a Presidential decree which they believe is unconstitutional; an act ultra vires the power of an outgoing caretaker President of the nation who is holding his office by a decree, without any parliament.

They are not satisfied with President Martelly's decision to make "Les Arcadins" a separate commune and connected it to the Artibonite Department. The new commune will take out a part of beautiful coastline from Arcahaie city where the President has built a multimillion dollar mansion for himself and few more homes for his friends. Since the first day of September, People are showing their mark of displeasure by a series of activities. They have shattered and burnt three passenger buses, a dozen of motorcycles were set on fire during a protest on the Route National 1. People cannot travel between north and south; even the people from the east cannot travel back from Port-au-Prince. On October 2nd, three public buildings, such as, the tax office, the municipal palace and the vice delegates office for the district in Arcahaie, were set on fire. The school students of Arcahaie could not attend their classes since the commencement of 2015-16 session.

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The city of Arcahaie on fire as cars, buildings continue to burn

The birth place the Haitian flag is on fire. The population of the city of Arcahaie continues to demand a retreat of the recent decree taken by President Michel Martelly. The latest casualties in the protest include three public buildings burned on Friday. Arcahaie Tax Office, the municipal palace and the vice delegates office for the district were all set in flame by the population. Yesterday(Monday), another bus of the company Dignite was burned and several privately owned cars.

In addition, Route National 1 continued to be blocked, paralyzing transportation between some major cities and the Capital. Gunfires are heard days and nights.

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Shattered Bus Windshield in Arcahaie as Protesters Rejected Decree

The situation in Arcahaie is never calm from the first day of last month, i.e., September, 2015. People are showing their mark of displeasure by a series of activities like road blocks, burning and shattering three passenger buses, and a dozen of motorcycles were set on fire at Arcahaie & Fonds des Blancs during a demonstration of protest held on the National Road No: 1. People cannot travel north to south or vice versa; even the people from the east cannot travel back from Port-au-Prince. A pastor in the city had complained to the Radio Vision 2000 that as a mark of civil disobedience, several coffins were dug up; the stench from the decomposed bodies made the situation unbearable for the local residents. Several casualties have already been reported in recent days, especially, from the forceful intervention of the police.

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Agriculture Minister Thomas Jacques Promotes Banana Production

At this year's World Food Day in Haiti the theme was "Sustainable food systems at the service of food security and nutrition". Minister of Agriculture, Thomas Jacques, spoke on banana production, which has declined noticeably within the last two decades. The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture issued a report, citing banana production was under 450,000 metric tons by 2009. In 1999 banana production was 600,000 metric tons.

Bananas are one of the largest-volume exports Haiti has had in the past, and Jacques hopes for resurgence in banana production and consumption in the future. With funds available to up banana production, employment opportunities would increase and food insufficiency decrease.

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Dr. Pradel Pompilus, respected Haitian scholar

Jerome Pierre Pradel Pompilus was one of the most respected scholars of Haiti. He was born in 1914 and died in 2000. He was born in a town called Arcahaie located in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. Pradel was a writer, linguist, grammarian and teacher and defended both French and Haitian Creole within Francophonie. After he completed his high school education, Pradel Pompilus graduated in law from Law Degree in the year 1936. In the same year 1936 he became the professor of Latin and French in Alexandre Petion Port-au-Prince and Toussaint Louverture schools.

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First community restaurant opens in Arcahaie

On 18th May, 2013, Jean-Jacques Charles, the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, in presence of President Michel Martelly and his wife, First Lady Sophia Martelly and Prime Minister of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe, inaugurated Arcahaie's first community restaurant. This restaurant will be serving 500 people with hot meals every day for 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. Only a few days ago, a mobile clinic was inaugurated for treating 270 residents.

This community restaurant is the 5th of the planned 90. The Martelly-Lamothe administration has set the goal of creating 90 such restaurants. All the restaurants are and will be funded by Venezuela's Petrocaribe loans.

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