The city of Arcahaie on fire as cars, buildings continue to burn

The birth place the Haitian flag is on fire. The population of the city of Arcahaie continues to demand a retreat of the recent decree taken by President Michel Martelly. The latest casualties in the protest include three public buildings burned on Friday. Arcahaie Tax Office, the municipal palace and the vice delegates office for the district were all set in flame by the population. Yesterday(Monday), another bus of the company Dignite was burned and several privately owned cars.


In addition, Route National 1 continued to be blocked, paralyzing transportation between some major cities and the Capital. Gunfires are heard days and nights.

What do you think as the population of Arcahaie continues to protest and burn some of the few remaining institutions in the city?

Do you think this decision of the decree was self-motivated and was based on self interest?

Should President Michel Martelly retract the Decree that has been causing so much anger and frustrations by the residents of the city of Arcahaie?


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Julio De Castro says...

Wi li le pou pep Haitien an komanse sicilise.

Nou pa dwe aki tankou sovaj ki selman konnen koman pou yo

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Julio De Castro says...

Li le li tan pou lespri loupe tet boule Kay la fini. Li le pou lespri Lavalas kraze brize a ya sese pou nou KA manye konstri peyi a. Barika anflame, boule mezon lets yo, beile machin, se plus bak nap fe peyi a fe. Mezanmi ki le men n pep sa'a ap tande

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Julio De Castro says...

Sa a mezanmi, se barbaric, sauvagerie.

Ki le lespri Lavalas vyolans sa a ap soti nan lespri pep la surement gen mete fading pou peon lem sa a

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Subject: The city of Arcahaie on fire as cars, buildings continue to burn edit

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