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Skal Labissiere drafted by the Sacramento Kings

Here is another Haitian who makes us proud. Skal Labissière who is a former basketball player of Collège Canado Haïtien was picked on Thursday, June 23 to become a member of the Sacramento Kings team. Skal Labissière currently stands at 6'11" and weighs 225 pounds. He averaged 6.6 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 1.6 blocks per game. He demonstrates his strongest strength in offense. There were some questions raised prior to his selection on whether or not Labissière would be a good fit for the Sacramento Kings team or whether or not he would be selected in the draft.

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NBA Sponsors New Play and Learn Center in Little Haiti

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and its affiliate, South Florida's Miami Heat, have launched a kids' recreation center, devoted to technology and academics. Called the NBA Cares Learn and Play Center (LPC), it is housed in Little Haiti Cultural Complex. The rec center project falls within the NBA Cares program, committed to offering youngsters a welcoming environment where they can play and learn what their interests in life are. NBA big-wigs, past and present players, cheerleaders, and students came out for the grand opening ceremonies.

The play center in Little Haiti is a state-of-the-art space, devoted to technology, academics, and entertainment. It will be equipped with the latest technology: big-screen TVs, laptops, printers, and tablets. A reading corner will be available, with an inventory of books and a slew of children's games. The NBA has partnered with State Farm and Samsung to remodel the play space. To the kids' amazement the space is done up in a Miami Heat theme.

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Haiti Sport Business Forum a Think Tank for Economic Growth

The government of Haiti (GOH) is always looking for new ways to grow its economy. Of the sectors of tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing, most of its time and money has been spent on attracting tourist dollars. Now the question posed by the GOH is, can a newly-created sports sector revive the Haitian economy?

In response, GOH ministries and other government departments are holding the 1st Sport Business Forum at the Petion-Ville Royal Oasis Hotel. The forum will convene sports executives and former and current players in professional sports: National Basketball Association (NBA), National Basketball Retired Players (NBRPA), and Harlem Globetrotters.

Besides participating in the forum, the NBRPA are touring as Legends of Basketball. They will visit hospitals and healthcare clinics in the poverty-stricken Central Plateau Region. They are partnering with Medishare, which is committed to offering a full complement of healthcare services in the area.

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Retired NBA Basketball Players Persuaded to Invest in Haiti

In a persistent effort to attract private investment for the reconstruction of Haiti, post the 2010 earthquake, Prime Minister (PM), Laurent Lamothe, and President of Haiti, Michel Martelly, hosted the Philanthropic Summit on 3/09/2013.

Martelly and Lamothe spoke at the glamorous event at the Miami Ritz Carlton Hotel Coconut Grove, arranged by the National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBRPA). Lamothe gave the keynote address to a roomful of potential investors, among them retired NBA Hall of Famers Glen Rice, Penny Hardaway, and Haitian-American Olden Polynice, Haiti's newly-named goodwill ambassador.

Lamothe stressed the government of Haiti's actualization of the 5E Initiative (Education, Rule of Law, Energy, Employment, and Environment), particularly education. He claimed that more than a million children under the Universal Schooling Program Free and Compulsory have been attending school, but more funding is needed to continue the 5E program.

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New multi-sports field Construction launched in Cotes-de-Fer

The first stone for the construction of a multi-sport facility at Côtes-de-Fer was laid Friday by René Jean Roosevelt the outgoing minister for Youth, Sports and Civic Action.

The new sports field to be developed will accommodate Basketball, handball and Volleyball.

The launch at Côtes-de-Fer comes at a time when the ministry continues with the establishment of a network of sports facilities in the territory. The Ministry is out to promote youth involvement in sports and help in the physical, spiritual and mental growth of the country's young generation.

The new facility will include a 90 square- meter podium to be used for social and cultural activities. There will be bleachers of a 600 person capacity and 100 square-meter locker rooms. The playing surface is planned to be half foot in thickness.

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Basketball to Be Promoted In Haiti under the Help of Clinton and Jim Boistic

Former basketball player with the Yonkers, Jim Boistic, has shown his interest to promote basketball games in Haiti. He said that he had met with the former US president, Bill Clinton and discussed how they would help in promoting the athletics teams in Haiti. The Yonkers icon said that his first time interest over Haiti was when the great earthquake struck Haiti in 2010. At that time he was aiming to rebuild a Christian academy which had been struck by earthquake which was owned by the Christ army tabernacle.

Jim Boistic's recent visit to Haiti since the time of earthquake came some few days back with another program which aimed at reviving Haiti National Basketball. The program is scheduled to last for four days beginning on June 25-29. He held several basketball clinics at the Quisqueya Christian School where he taught some basics in coaching and playing. He said that his aim was to train and have young talented players who would revive the hope of Haiti. He also said that his goal was also to give the youths the right tools which are essential for making them successful in life. However, the program has to take about two years before it reached its full completion.

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Samuel Davis Dalembert, Haitian professional basketball

Samuel Davis Dalembert is a professional basketball centre player. He plays for the NBA's Houston Rockets. He is famous for his shot blocking ability.

Dalembert was born in May 10,1981in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He stayed in Haiti for 14 years and later moved to Montreal. At Montreal, he began his professional basketball career. He played in Montreal and Quebec.

He schooled at Seton Hall University where he had an opportunity to play college basketball. Because of his shot blocking ability, Samuel Davis Dalembert is one of the top NBA players in this category. He has recorded an average of around two blocks for every game he has played.

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Olden Polynice, Haitian athlet

Born in November 21, 1964, Olden Polynice is remembered as having been the most evident Haitian athlete in the U.S history. Playing as a centre in professional basketball, Olden Polynice played for the NBA for 15 seasons. He has starred for several National Basketball Association teams; Seattle SuperSonics, Los Angeles Clippers, Detroit Pistons, Sacramento Kings, and Utah Jazz.

Olden Polynice was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and did his high school education in All Hallows High School in the Bronx. His passionate for the basketball game saw him participate in college basketball at the University of Virginia.

After college, Polynice played for Hamby Riminini of Serie A in 1986-87. In 1987 Chicago bulls selected him for the team as the 8th overall in the years' NBA draft. He was later traded with Scottie Pippen to the Seattle SuperSonics.

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Mario Antoine Elie, American basketball Player

Mario Antoine Elie was born on 26th November 1963 in New York City. He had a brother named Clark. His sister is named Nancy. Mario is remembered as a legendary in American basketball. He has been a professional basketball player and a coach at different times in his life. He is currently the assistant coach for the New Jersey Nets.

Mario Antoine Elie has his name Mario adopted from the famous opera singer Mario Lanza. Elie was raised up in New York but he is of Haitian heritage. As soon as he graduated from college his father passed on. Elie lost his brother Clark too in a car accident in 2009. Clark was also a basketball player though not at a professional level.

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Mario Elie, Former Houston Rockets guard

Mario Elie is one of the Haitian nationalities who have made it big in the US. He was born in Haiti but raised in the US since his parents had moved into the country as they tried to seek refuge during one of the political momentums in Haiti where there were constant attacks and demonstrations. He grew up to be a great basketball player where he made it a hobby which eventually turned out to be a career.

Elie has over the years been engaged to the game both as a player and as a coach hence has a lot of experience in the basketball game. He at first got drafted into the NBA in the season of 1990-91 playing three games for the Philadelphia 76ers, while on a 10-day contract. He then proceeded to some other clubs and teams where he got to be largely and widely known for his abilities where he showed off what he can do and what his real talent is in the field.

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