BCEN under investigation for corruption by Me Ocname Dameus

In regard to the allegation of corruption at the CEP and the BCEN, things are getting more serious as a formal investigation is under way by the Chief Public Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince. Me Ocname Dameus confirmed receipt of the letter issued by the National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH) denouncing the CEP and BCEN. He also announced that the denunciation analysis have already been launched.


What do you think?

Do you think the Chief Public Prosecutor of Port-au-Prince is capable of bringing criminal charges against members of the electoral body if evidence of corruption is found?

Do you think the CEP should be allowed to continue with the process, in light of these damaging accusations?

Do you think there was in fact corruptions?

Haitian Kreyol:

CEP ak BCEN anba envestigasyon pou koripsyon pa m 'Ocname Dameus

Nan konsiderasyon akizasyon de koripsyon nan CEP ak BCEN la, bagay yo ap vini pi komplike kòm yon ankèt fòmèl pa Chèf Pwokirè Piblik Pòtoprens kòmanse.

M'Ocname Dameus konfime resevwa lèt la ki soti nan Rezo Nasyonal defans Dwa Moun(RNDDH)lan ki denonse CEP a ak BCEN. Li te tou anonse ke analiz nan denonsyasyon sa te deja te lanse.

Kisa ou panse?

Ou panse Pwokirè Piblik Chèf Pòtoprens la kapab pote akizasyon kriminèl kont manm nan kò elektoral si yo jwenn prèv ki montre koripsyon?

Ou panse CEP a ta dwe gen dwa kontinye ak pwosesis la, ak gwo akizasyon sa?

Ou panse te gen koripsyon vre?

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Subject: BCEN under investigation for corruption by Me Ocname Dameus edit

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