Haitian actress Fabienne Colas and Toronto Black Film Festival

Sometimes, a closed door is an opportunity to create your own. Rarely is this tale of not taking no for an answer told more brilliantly than in the case of Haitian actress Fabienne Colas.


Born on the 18th of March, 1979 in Port-au-Prince, Colas attended √Čcole des sŇ"urs religieuses catholiques for elementary education and attended high school at one of the country's most prestigious schools, College Marie Anne. After high school, the actress began her tenure at university, where she took studies in human relations and Spanish among other things. After her schooling, Colas began her acting career.

Even with roles in several Haitian films including "L'Auberge du Chien noir" under her belt, Colas found herself wanting more. She would soon find much critical success in Haiti with her film Barikad. On the heels of this success, she decided to take the film to Canada in hopes of furthering its success.

However, while in the North American country, Colas faced rejection for her pride and joy, Barikad. As she states it, the award winning film, in Haiti, was unceremoniously disregarded when she tried presenting it to the African Film Festival in Montreal.

Unlike some, the actress took the rejected as an invitation to start her own festival. From it, the Toronto Black Film Festival (TBFF) was formed. The nine year old, three-day festival operates as an arm of the Montreal International Black Film Festival. Colas has also channeled her success into the Fabienne Colas Foundation, where funding for cultural films is sought and appropriated to deserving projects.

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