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Demands of 16 Senators to Michel Martelly made public

The Haitian Senators have spoken. The 16 Haitian Senators or as they come to be known as the group of 16 released a statement in which they made several demands to President Michel Martelly. According to the Senators, this is the only way the current crisis can be solved between the Haitian President and the Senators.

This is definitely a long list and in it, there are several demands made to the president.

It is a proclamation of the current situation and the Senators.

Knowing the mentality of my Haitian brothers in Haiti, if the Senators are not willing to negotiate on this proposed list, we are doomed. We are in a political deadlock for a long time. And that is and I repeat, that is if "Mister Blanc" does not come in and say enough is enough.

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