18 more Haitians dead as ship capsizes in Turks and Caicos Islands

Tragedy once again among Haitians guilty only for attempting to get a better life for their family. According to a upi.com, at least 18 Haitians migrants perished at sea when their boat capsized near Turks and Caicos Islands


The accident happened after Turks and Caicos marine branch police captured the boat and was towing it to a port. It was reported by the Caribbean Journal that 32 people were rescued by Turks and Caicos; however for 18, nothing could be done before they all drowned.

The last incident where Haitian boat people died at sea took place just one Month ago. In November, more than 30 people died when their boat sank off the Bahamas.


Mezanmi, sa se yon lot group Ayisyen ki tap chèche la vive e me ki pri 18 nan yo peye!

Tou jou respekte sa yo ki te vini nan bato. Moun sa yo bwav

Mwen ta rinmin poze yon kestion: Se ki lè ke nape bouke mouri nan kondisyon konsa?

Se ki lè olye ke nap goumin, nou mete tet nou ansanm pou nou devlope Ayiti?

Se ki lè?

Ki Lè?

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