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Cardinal Chibly Langlois calls for Jocelerme Privert to stay in office

In an interview with newspaper Nouvelliste on Monday night, Cardinal Chibly Langlois made his opinion known about the current political crisis in Haiti. The Haitian cardinal calls for Jocelerme Privert to remain as Provisional President, calling it the lesser evils. Cardinal Chibly Langlois stated that he has been following the political development in Haiti and is concerned about what is going on in currently. He thinks that the Haitian Senators and Deputies should not use the Parliament as a tool to defend their own interests and that priority should be given to improving the condition of the population.

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Voodoo an undeniable part of the culture of the Haitian people, Cardinal Chibly Langlois

Voodoo is a religious cult practiced combining the elements of Roman Catholic rituals with traditional African magical and religious rites, characterized by sorcery and spirit possession. It is heavily practiced in the Caribbean and the southern U.S.

Recently, the Haitian Cardinal, Mgr Chibly Langlois, said in a statement that voodoo was a major social problem for Haiti because the practice presents the element of magic and not genuine solutions to the people of Haiti who he termed as "a population deprived of justice and political voice."

His statement has caused such a stir among the inter-religious scope. In a press note, they said that they were extremely saddened and disappointment by the statement from the Cardinal. They argued that it would most likely intensify the confusion in peoples' minds and worsen the current anxiety and tension. They argue that the mission of the inter-religious platform is to advocate for tolerance among people, prevent conflicts and promote togetherness. They further went on to say that God does not empower any religion to judge another.

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Haiti's First Cardinal, Archbishop Chibly Langlois

Archbishop Chibly Langlois of Les Cayes is Haiti's first cardinal, appointed by Pope Francis. Langlois joins Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Orani Joao Tempesta; Archbishop Leopoldo Jose Brenes Solarzano of Managua, Nicaragua; and Archbishop of Santiago del Chile, Chile, Ricardo Ezzati Andrello.

These three new cardinals are part of a group of 19, who come from Asia, Africa, Canada, Burkina Faso, and Latin America. With the selection of prelates from Haiti and Burkina Faso, Pope Francis is putting into action his conviction the Roman Catholic Church needs to put more focus on poorer populations. According to Rev. Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Vatican, the choice of Haiti for the cardinal's hat demonstrates the Vatican will become an advocate for Haiti in the international community.

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January 12's Vatican Message, Haitian Cardinal Chibly Langlois

When the news of the ascension of Bishop Chibly Langlois of Les Cayes as the first Haitian Cardinal reached Haiti on Sunday 12 January, the Haitian people and the local Catholic Church were both surprised and happy. The Haitians got their first Cardinal exactly on the same day when four years ago a terrible earthquake took hundreds of thousands lives in Haiti. Bishop Chibly Langlois is the president of the Haitian bishops' who is respected by Haitians for his immense service in the post earthquake era in Haiti.

Haiti is the place where most of the poorest of the poor live in western hemisphere. Many of us do not remember that this is the place in America where the Cross of Jesus Christ was first placed. On 6 December, 1492, Christopher Columbus along with his other European companions when arrived on this island, to bring the land under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic Church, his first act was to plant a cross on the beach at Môle St. Nichola and establish the first Spanish colony on the island.

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A shift by Vatican in Hispaniola as new cardinal elected

The new Roman Catholic Pope has, at the outset of his run, taken stances and made decisions that have had him labeled as reformative. His latest appointment of a Cardinal for the island of Hispaniola has been one more such move, Chibly Langlois.

There can only be one! The Spanish part of the island, the Dominican Republic, has always held the honor of being home to a Roman Cardinal. But, after Pope Francis' recent naming of his 19 new cardinals, it is Haiti and its 'little priest that could' which now has the ear and attention of the Holy See.

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What is a Cardinal in the Catholic Religion?

Cardinals, for the time it takes them to decide who the next pope in the Catholic world will be, are arguably the most important, influential group within the denomination. Ever since 1059, before which the pope had been selected first by the clergy and those of the Roman diocese, then in part by the nobility, the cardinals have held this high power after the pope gained a stronger sense of independence from politics.

Within the realm of the cardinal are different orders, namely bishops, priests and deacons. The cardinal bishops are the high priests of the church. Today, most cardinals are bishops, but the actual term "cardinal bishop" is used to refer only to those from the seven suburbicarian dioceses of the Church in the vicinity of Rome.

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Who is Bishop Chibly Langlois, Haiti New Cardinal?

On January 12, 2014, Pope Francis has selected Bishop Chibly Langlois of Les Cayes as the first Haitian cardinal. The new cardinal is a 55 year old tireless worker who never forgot his impoverished childhood.

Chibly Langlois was born in La Valle in southeast Haiti and rose in a poor family. He is one among the 19 new cardinals named by Pope Francis on January 12. He is the youngest and the only non-archbishop in the group. The Haitian Catholic leaders believe this selection by Pope is a recognition of his service to the victims of devastating earthquake in 2010. The seismic activity killed over 220,000 people three years ago and left 1.5 million homeless. Even the archbishop of the capital city Port-au-Prince died in the quake and the city's iconic cathedral was toppled. It is truly a historic news for Haiti and a big appreciation of its church's dedicated work undertaken in difficult time in the post-earthquake period.

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Haiti National Dialogue has began, to what end?

This is something that has forever been in the public forum in Haiti. From Political Parties to religious, social and business sectors, many have been asking for a National Dialogue to bring all Haitians together. Now here is my question: Is this the real national dialogue we have been asking for?

Under the auspices of cardinal Chibly Langlois, President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Haiti, a new attempt is taking place to finally bring all Haitians together; however there are many barriers that need to be crossed before we can actually get to a real National Dialogue.

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First reaction by Monseigneur Langlois Chibly - VIDEO

Here is the first reaction of Monseigneur Langlois Chibly, following his nomination as the new and first Haitian cardinal ever on January 12, 2014 by the Vatican.

Like everyone in Haiti, Monseigneur Langlois Chibly expressed his surprise as well to the news. The new Haitian Cardinal stated that "Even though the country is in a time when it commemorates the death of many of our fellow citizens occurred during the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010, I received this news."

Watch the Video

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