Canaval telling story of Haiti - Haitian Afranchi

The term Affranchi was a French legal term classifying some slaves after obtaining their freedman or emancipation


This was a social class in the former Haiti, Saint-Domingue. The Affranchi at the time were in the social class between those who were free whites and enslaved Black people.

The Afranchi class was not only determined by your skin color at the time. Some of them werefreed people of mixed race and others were freed blacks. For instance, a mixed child born of a white father and a black mother was born free and would fall under the Afranchi class

The affranchis of Saint Domingues had many restrictions.

were better of that the Black slaves. They were allowed to receive some education, own land and participated in some of the entertainments with White.

They were not allowedto wear the same style of clothes as the priviledged White, not able to vote in election or occupy certain positions in the colony. They were not allowed either to become doctors or lawyers

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