Carnival in Haiti has a very strong political dimension

The Carnival celebration in Haiti is a time of art, song, dance, and costume. It is a time of self expression also. During this annual celebration, residents of Haiti take to the streets with striking costumes and dance during the parades. they also use this opportunity to send messages to their leaders. Many of the Carnival songs in Haiti are about sex, community's scandals, gossip and mockery of famous people and political personalities.


Surprisingly enough, during the Carnival season, they criticize openly the political leaders

Haitian Carnival is a time or self-expression and creativity where all Haitian get together. The celebration consists of a great deal of song, dance, and costume production, but the importance of the Haitian carnival lies in its ability to let the regular people express themselves, their beliefs, and their creativity.

The same way Carnival was used in Haiti during the colonization period, it seems like it continues to be used in similar fashion. During slavery period, the slave masters continued to celebrate carnival according to their tradition. The slaves were not allowed to celebrate. The slaves of Saint-Domingue used different strategies to elude their masters and still celebrated the event

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