The establishment of the Museum of Carnival of Jacmel

What would Jacmel tourism be without a decided slant towards the Carnival lift that makes the town so popular? It is a question Jacmel residents raised and the government listened to. Plans for the building of a Museum of Carnival in the city of Jacmel have been outlined and should be completed and the museum inaugurated by the end of 2013 or by the start of next year.


On October 14 and 15, 2013, the project was given the go ahead in the workshop meetings of the body comprised of the Southeast Departmental Directorate of Tourism, the Ministry of Culture, UNESCO representatives, artisans and those from the education sector and other local authorities including, Hugues André Paul, the mayor of Jacmel, Jean Solage, the deputy mayor of Jacmel, and the technical assistant of culture and Heritage for the Spanish Cooperation, Carola Paredes.

They discussed studying and carrying out the planned construction, how the space would be divided between a multipurpose hall, a boutique, a documentation center, souvenir kiosks and a mini bar. They also deliberated on what services would be offered and the collection of works to be shown.

As laid out by the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, along with their partners, are the following points of the museum's concept.

• There will be an auditorium that is outfitted with an overhead projector, video projector and a cinema screen.
• There will be a space kept solely for events and spaces for permanent and temporary exhibitions.
• There will be an animation podium and a photographic library, separate from the regular library.

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