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Haitian historian Georges Corvington died at the age of 88

A great Haitian has passed away. Prominent Haitian historian Georges Corvington. According to the report, he died of heart failure at the age of 88, this Wednesday, April 3, 2013.

Historian Georges Corvington was born in 1926 in Port-au-Prince. He became President of the Society of History and Geography and was decorated Living National Treasure in January 2009

Mr. Corvington started his writing career in the 70s. His subjects include Port-au-prince, the national Palace and Haiti National Cathedral. These buildings were bot destroyed by the 2010 Haiti earthquake. One of his most successful publication was "Port-au-Prince Through the Ages" , a history of Haiti from the colonization period all the way to the government of Paul Eugene Magloire in 1956.

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Design of new Cathedral in Port-au-Prince revealed

We finally have a glace of what the Cathedral of Port-au-Prince that was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake will look like when it is finally built. What you are looking at is the first picture of the winning design that was submitted by Puerto Rican architect Segundo Cardona and team. The cathedral is an important symbol in Port-au-Prince.

According to the new design approved by a panel of six professionals at the University of Miami School of Architecture, Cathedral of Port-au-Prince building will be shaped in a circular form with retractable walls.

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New Port-au-Prince Cathedral Blend of Traditional and Modern Aesthetics

The Port-au-Prince Cathedral (PAP) was almost completely demolished during the 2010 earthquake that razed most of Haiti. Along with general reconstruction efforts to rebuild Haiti, the cathedral will be resurrected when monies donated to its rebuilding, but used for more pressing reconstruction efforts can be raised again.

The government of Haiti along with the Archdiocese of PAP held a design competition for restoration of the PAP Cathedral, and received 134 entries from all over the world. A committee of six instructors of architecture from the University Of Miami School Of Architecture made the final selection from a short-list of five entrants.

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Port-au-Prince New Cathedral an Object of Sublime Perfection

Segundo Cardona, principal of Architectos de Guaynato Design Firm, has won the design competition for restoration of the Port-au-Prince (PAP) Cathedral, almost completely collapsed during the 2010 earthquake. But the cathedral's colonial façade survived intact. Cardona won out over 250 architecture firms from across the globe. The University Of Miami School Of Architecture partnered with the Archdiocese of PAP to select the winning design.

Competition guidelines required that preservation of Haiti's architectural tradition be the dominant element in creating the cathedral's design. The guidelines also required practicality in using environmentally safe materials in the interior of the cathedral, as well as adherence to seismic requirements.

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Archbishop Guire Poulard nominated by Pope Benedict for Cathedral of Port-au-Prince

Pope Benedict XVI elected new leader for the Catholic church in Port-au-Prince. Archbishop Guire Poulard was elected to become the new archbishop of Port-au-Prince. As you may recall, the 2010 earthquake killed the previous archbishop Joseph Serge Miot along with more than 230,000 other people.

Bishop Guire Poulard was born on January 6, 1942, in the Petit-Goave region of Haiti and completed his primary education there. Guire Poulard moved to Port-de-Paix for secondary education, and then to Port-au-Prince. He received his training at the Minor Seminary College St. Martial.

Bishop Guire Poulard will follow a long list of archbishops for the Cathedral of Port-au-Prince, including Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot who died in the 2010 earthquake, Archbishop Francois Wolf Ligonde, from August 20, 1966 to March1, 2008 and Archbishop Francois-Marie Joseph Poirier, from July 3rd, 1955 to August 18, 1966

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