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New Cement plant in Gonaives, Siman Lakay, a $300 Million investment

Cement plant in Gonaives, Siman Lakay

Haiti will soon become a cement manufacturer once again. With an investment of 300 Million US dollars by both international and Haitian investors, a brand new cement plant called Siman Lakay will be constructed in the locality "La Pierre", in Gonaives. This new cement plant is expected to both reduce our dependency on import and also create jobs. Siman Lakay will have a capacity to produce about 2 million tons of cement per year and create more than 2,200 jobs in the long term.

A 35-megawatt power plant will be built to run the new cement plant and provide electricity to a new village that will be built in the area for the 2,500 employees of the plant. Construction is expected to begin on January 13, 2016.

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A New Cement Plant in Haiti, "Siman Lakay"

On December 19, 2015, the foundation stone of a new cement plant "Siman Lakay" has been laid in the "La Pierre" locality of Gonaives. This is the fruit of more than one year's hard work and technical studies by Mr. Bestgen Jérôme, the Honorary Consul of Haiti in Belgium, and it could never be completed without the support of foreign and Haitian investors. The new plant will require an investment of around US$300 million and will be constructed by the Belgian TSE (Techniques Speciales a l' Export NV) construction firm and the multidisciplinary engineering cluster company TPF. The construction of the plant is expected to start on January 13, 2016. This would be the biggest investment in Haiti.

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