Mombin-Crochu and Living condition

Many people in the town of Mombin-Crochu in the Vallieres Arrondissement live in poverty. Residents do not have the luxury of living a very comfortable life, as Mombin-Crochu is one of the poor towns in the country. In fact, children are forced to walk barefoot because they do not have money to buy slippers. They also walk just to go to school because only a few have access to donkeys, which are the main transportation in the town.


When it comes to utilities, residents in Mombin-Crochu have to go by without a regular supply of water and electricity because they could not afford it. In order to make fuel and cook, they use charcoal and wood fire.

The road infrastructure in the town is also in poor condition. Roads are almost always impassable, with only four-wheel trucks being the only vehicles that can travel through some parts of the town. This is also the reason why most residents are used to walking, as access to donkeys and other modes of transportations is difficult.

Though poverty is rampant in Mombin-Crochu, people still have a source of livelihood and it involves agriculture production. Farmers grow lime, mangoes, and coffee. Tobacco plantations are also popular in the town.

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