Haitian Fashion Designer Charles Dieujuste Introduces Spring/Summer

Charles Corvsky Dieujuste is Haitian fashion designer. He had grown up with the passion for art. He once told his mother that he wanted to be an artist but his mother did not encourage him at that age because she wanted him to study. Despite the discouragement, his passion grew day by day. Dieujuste was greatly influenced by his aunt who was a tailor.


He decided to do a unique thing from what his family did. Though he did not attend any school to study fine art as he would have liked, he was able to design fashion. He worked up in a textile company and their home sewing productions. These two molded him into a fashion designer.

Working there also gave him exposure to more art opportunities. Charles Dieujuste decided to come up with a new brand of spring/summer. He is yet to achieve this dream but he is greatly working towards it.

While he was interviewed by DH he said that the brand would be in different styles like aesthetic, romantic and classically elegant. His brand is feminine because women are the best in fashion. The brand would have vibrant colors that suit women who love vibrant colors. He wishes to be the best artist in the world. Charles Dieujuste also wishes to participate in the next New York Fashion Week and even go beyond in future.

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