Haiti Aid Groups Scared away by the Chikungunya Virus

Last week, the mosquito-borne virus was detected in Haiti for the first time. This virus has spread very quickly throughout the Caribbean Nation since. 1,529 cases of this virus have now been confirmed according to Haiti's Health Ministry's spokesman. Most of the victims are from the west department (about 900). This is near the capital of Port-au-Prince, and 300 cases were in northwestern Haiti. The numbers are rising rapidly.



• Headache

• Rash all over the body

• Pain in the joints

• Fever

People suffering from these symptoms are urged to visit a health-care specialist.

This disease was first detected in St. Martin in December. It is most common in Asia and Africa, and this was the first time in the Americas for the local transmission of this disease to be reported. It has since spread to almost a dozen other islands and French Guiana.
Spread of the disease

This disease is transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito which is also responsible for transmitting dengue fever in this region.
Repercussions of this disease

• According to officials with Missionary Flights International, this outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus has made aid groups afraid of going to Haiti.

• About 100 passengers cancelled flights due to this virus.

• MFI, a nonprofit organization located in St. Lucie County Airport, is involved in flying church groups and aid organizations to Haiti. When the outbreak occurred, people canceled trips.

• Some volunteers and one of MFI's mechanics have returned from Haiti with symptoms of the disease.

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