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After Chikungunya and Dengue, now it's Ziga fever alert in Haiti

It's like dealing with Cholera which was a gift from MINUSTAH to the Haitian people was not enough. We also had recent outbreaks of Chikungunya, Dengue and our major health scare about Ebola. Still we now have something new to deal with, the Zika virus infection. As a result of recent warning by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) of cases of Zika virus infection in our region, the Minister of Public Health in Haiti has implemented early warning system to detect potential cases of the Zika infection in the Haitian population. Mosquitoes are considered to be the primary vectors of the virus. So far all specimens of mosquitoes, tested have turned out negative.

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chikungunya prevention campaign in Haiti

Since the first identification of Chikungunya in last May, more than 65,000 suspected cases of Chikungunya have been reported in Haiti. The volunteers of the Haitian Red Cross Society are working actively on the streets of Croix-des-Bouquets to make people aware of the disease. The Chikungunya is a mosquito-borne disease; an infection caused by the Chikungunya virus. It causes an illness with an acute feverish phase lasting 2 to 5 days, followed by joint pains; in certain extremities this pain may persist for years. The Haitian Red Cross Society is working to curb the critical effect of the virus and keep people safe. The volunteers are canvassing some simple but relevant information to many ignorant residents who are not yet aware that how their lives are exposed to this dangerous risk. They are organizing 'train the trainer programs' whereby a trained volunteer will further train others in his community to distribute important information on this epidemic, like, symptoms, how to prevent the disease and where to seek the right treatment.

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Blood tests for Chikungunya virus and rheumatoid arthritis reveal similar results

It has already wreaked havoc across the Caribbean, infecting hundred of thousands, if not millions in Dominica, Jamaica, and now Haiti. It is the before unheard-of-in-these-parts virus known as Chikungunya. While not in itself considered deadly, the ailment can prove so under certain circumstances, such as in a misdiagnosis. One of the best ways to arm oneself against this is to determine that you, indeed, have Chikungunya, which may be harder to do than you would think.

The issue lies in the fact that Chikungunya, like many other viruses, shares its symptoms with other illnesses. In this case, the similarity that is causing a problem for people wishing to be diagnosed and have their sickness named and thus treated, is between Chikungunya and rheumatoid arthritis. Not only are the symptoms similar, but the blood tests used to diagnose both ailments are known to reveal similar results.

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Health Minister in Haiti Tells Country Ebola Virus No Danger to Them

The Ebola outbreak has Haitians more than a little concerned: the country is already battling two epidemics,

cholera and chikungunya. Responding to gathering alarm the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) has put people's fears to rest by assuring them no cases have been reported in the U.S. He added likelihood of Ebola entering Haiti is almost non-existent.

Meanwhile MSPP has encouraged Haitians not to panic because a response plan has been prepared in collaboration with the international community. It will proactively prevent contact with the virus while educating the masses about methods to avoid it. MSPP informs the public ". . . transmission of the virus requires direct contact with the blood, secretions, organs or body fluids of a person . . . " But to take precaution to ensure no exposure to Ebola occurs, Minister of Health, Dr. Guillaume, has advised people to refrain from unnecessary travel to places where cases have been reported.

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Haiti Aid Groups Scared away by the Chikungunya Virus

Last week, the mosquito-borne virus was detected in Haiti for the first time. This virus has spread very quickly throughout the Caribbean Nation since. 1,529 cases of this virus have now been confirmed according to Haiti's Health Ministry's spokesman. Most of the victims are from the west department (about 900). This is near the capital of Port-au-Prince, and 300 cases were in northwestern Haiti. The numbers are rising rapidly.


• Headache

• Rash all over the body

• Pain in the joints

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Taiwan Gives Haiti $100,000 to Eliminate Chikungunya

Taiwan, Haiti's ally for more than 50 years, is stepping up to help Haiti fight a new epidemic, the Chikungunya virus, whose first case was reported in May 2013. So far estimates range from 39,000'40,000 of the Haitian populace, afflicted with the debilitating disease. The statistics were released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Department, Deputy Director General, Florencia Hsie. The Ministry covers South American Caribbean Affairs.

The Taiwanese government has given Haiti $100,000 USD to use for methods to halt the virus in its tracks. Two types of mosquitoes are carriers of Chikungunya, the Asian Tiger and Aides Aegypti. The technique will be to disinfect the places where they breed, so their eggs cannot hatch. It goes to the root of the problem and is a preventive measure.

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Within population densely clustered in flimsy homes, Haiti, Ideal for Chiukungunya

The chikungunya virus's first case was recorded in May in Haiti, and health clinic workers say they have diagnosed 40,000 cases of what they believe to be chikungunya. The symptoms of the virus are severe joint pain that immobilizes victims for days on end and dehydration. The most extreme cases advance to a stage of respiratory failure.

Chikungunya has spread throughout the Caribbean with cases documented in as many as 20 countries in the South Region. They include the Virgin Islands, Dominica, Martinique, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, French Guyana, and Suriname.

Researchers have yet to develop a vaccine, and pain medication is the only remedy available. But for poor folk medication like acetaminophen is too expensive. Authorities have been dispensing free pain medication to public health clinics to counteract pharmacies preying on the vulnerable to shell out their last gourde to stop the pain.

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Tips for travelers against mosquito transmitted chikungunya virus

The mosquito-borne virus chikungunya has been spreading across the Caribbean and no is immune from it. It is not fatal but causes severe joint pain.

So far, Haiti has been the Caribbean country with the most recent confirmed outbreak of chikungunya. The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and several other Caribbean islands have seen an increase in the chikungunya virus as well.

So the question is: How do you protect yourself from the spread of the chikungunya virus? If I live in Haiti or just visiting, how do I make sure I don't end up with the virus?

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