Americans in Haitian Jail for child trafficking after earthquake

Ten Americans detained in Port-au-Prince on child trafficking charges. Will these people be treated like Haitian prisoners or will they have special preferences. So far, according to these pictures, the detainees affiliated with Baptist churches in Meridian and Twin Falls, Idaho have not been in a four star hotel in Haiti.


Carla Thompson lay on a bed in a scorching jail cell about 8 feet by 5 feet, her ankles bandaged from infected mosquito bites. Sitting on a dirty concrete floor in the cell, another detainee, Corinna Lankford, has a frustrated look on her face.

The detainees, most of whom are arrived in the chaotic days after the Jan. 12 Haiti earthquake. They were detained as they tried to take 33 Haitian children whom the Baptists had said were orphaned into the neighboring Dominican Republic.

Does anyone know what will happen next?

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