Helping Your Children Handle Disaster Images

When disaster strikes, children are one of the most people prone to trauma. The pictures they see and the stories they hear can double the disaster's impact on their emotional and psychological state. They can become more afraid, sad and agitated. In order to avoid this, you have to help them deal with the disaster's effects by talking to them and letting them know that everything would be okay later on.


It would be better to prevent your child from seeing disturbing images of the disaster. Don't let them watch the news that show the disaster's effects but remember that you still have to inform them of what is happening around them. Just don't be too graphic about it because you might scare them. Asking them about their feelings and worries about the situation can also help. This way, you are allowing your children to express their emotions and addressing them.

Another way to help them in this situation is to get them involved in community projects aimed at helping those affected by the disaster. Encourage your children to donate and let them participate in relief operations. Doing this will enable your children to feel that they are doing something worthwhile to ease the disaster's impact. Also, they will feel more in control, giving them the confidence to deal with such a serious situation.

Keep in mind that developing your children to become strong at times like this would not only help them cope with the current situation but will also teach them how to address future challenges.

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