Cite Soleil Smuggling Case Suspects to be Indicted Soon

There was a case of smuggling in Cite Soleil that will soon be coming to a head. In a country as desperately poor as Haiti, contraband or the transportation of illegal goods, also known as smuggling, constitutes a major portion of crimes committed in Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince. Recently, a crack-down on the crime of smuggling has been initiated at the Institutional Committee, in the office of Prime Minister-Elect Laurent Lamothe.


The genesis of the crack-down began when Director General Fresnel Jean-Baptiste of the General Administration of Customs (AGD) sent his agents to lock-down a warehouse in Cite Soleil, whose contents held a wealth of smuggled merchandise from outside the country that had snuck through Port-au-Prince customs. Among the items discovered were 74 bags of frozen peas, 1,500 bags of milled corn, 250 cases of Mazola oil, and 495 gallons of Alberto oil.

Customs agents, under the direction of the AGD, spent many weeks performing around the clock surveillance at the Port-au-Prince dock. They tracked the smugglers' movements, which eventually led to the Cite Soleil warehouse. The lock-down is the Deputy Government Commissioner Fritz Gerard Chéry's first step towards prosecuting the suspected smugglers, and to send a warning that smugglers will be caught, due the new surveillance technology.

The smuggled inventory will be presented as evidence at trial, once the suspects have been indicted by a Grand Jury. Government Commissioner Jean Renel Sénatus has reported that the State's case will be reviewed by President Martelly's Cabinet, who will make recommendations about which court the case should be sent to, to try the suspected smugglers and give them justice.

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Subject: Cite Soleil Smuggling Case Suspects to be Indicted Soon edit

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