Over 30 dead as a result of Cite Soley Violence

It has been reported that more than thirty people have died in Cite Soleil between last Friday and Sunday as a result of violence. Some people reported major intervention by the special force BOID at Wharf de Jérémie, specially in "Belekou", "Boston" and "Fort-Dimanche".


The actual reason for the violence in Cite Soleil is still unclear. While some people informed us that it is the result of a clash between two rival gangs in Drouillard districts Bois Neuf, others think it is politically connected. Some think that the current level of insecurity and crime in Cite Soleil has everything to do with the upcoming election scheduled for October 18, which is in less than a week. A former Deputy in the region accused the PNH for the violence, stating that this was done in preparation to a visit by President Michel Martelly over the weekend

So what is the real story?

How many people really died so far since this new violence started in Cite Soleil?

Does this have anything to do with the upcoming election in Haiti?

Do you think it is vengeance for the recent Police assassinations?

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Subject: Over 30 dead as a result of Cite Soley Violence edit

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