Security Operation in the Bellecourt Area of Cité Soleil

A security operation was undertaken between June 28th, and June 30th 2014. It was carried out in the Bellecourt area of Cite Soleil. The operation involved the United Nation Stabilization Mission, and was being conducted together with the Haitian National Police. There were a total of 382 UN peacekeepers in the mission. This UN group was comprised of two groups; 273 from the military component, while 109 came from United Nations Police.


During the mission in Bellecourt, there were members of the area who were arrested, suspected of committing crimes. The National Police of Haiti arrested 34 people. Among the arrested persons 18 were confirmed to be active gang members in Soleil.

The operation was carried out to eliminate the gang activity in the area. The United Nation Stabilization Mission was helping the Haiti National Police and the government in general to reinforce the rule of law in Bellecourt so that the vulnerable community in the area can benefit. They did great in the mission and managed to arrest some suspects of the gangs.

The Haiti National Police, with help from peacekeepers from United Nation Stabilization Mission, managed to search and execute court orders in particular areas of Bellecourt. The mission being carried out on 28th of June was a cordon operation. They made joint patrols for 48 hours in the area of Bellecourt.

The operation was finalized on 30th of June. It was concluded by the civil-military coordination, which provided local residents with water, medical treatment, dental kits, haircuts, and entertainment for the young ones.

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