200 Millions gourdes made available to Parliament to keep privert in Power

According to Presidential candidate Moise Jean Charles, the former Justice Miniter under PHTK and current advisor to Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles is the principal actor in a scam to pay some Senators and Deputies in order to keep President Jocelerme Privert in office past the deadline. Former Senator Jean Charles declared to a reporter of Radio Kiskeya that Me Brunache was the one making the 200 millions gourdes available to Parliament.


In any other sociaty, this woud be called bribery; however, not in Haiti. In the Haitian political environment, this is called" Arozaj". Another term frequently used in "Mete Zeb nan bouch". Howe

Do you know of any other names

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Subject: 200 Millions gourdes made available to Parliament to keep privert in Power edit

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